Free Pawns


30 Day Free Pawn for existing Pawn customers on their birthday
  1. All existing customers are eligible for the Free Birthday Pawn.
  2. No service fee will be charged during the month of the customers birthday for this promotion.
  3. The pawn must originate in the month of the customers birthday or if a customer has an existing pawn(s) that has been in for multiple months and one of those months is the customers birth month, that month shall be free of all service fees. If a customer has multiple pawns, during the birthday month only one (1) pawn is eligible for the free month. The customer may choose which one (1) pawn the free month will be applied to. That pawn must not exceed $500.00 five hundred dollars.
  4. After the first free 30 days if the customer wishes to extend the pawn, normal service fees will apply as stated on the pawn ticket contract . If the pawn is redeemed in the first 30 day period. Only the principal amount will be owed.
  5. The maximum principal amount of the free pawn cannot exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00)
  6. Only (1) one Free Pawn per customer will be allowed per year.
  7. We try our best but we may not always notice that it's your birthday month. It is up to you, the customer to make us aware of it being your birthday month. This promotion is not retroactive.
  8. Arlington Jewelry and Pawn Inc. reserves the right to end or alter this promotion at any time without any prior notice.